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The Nitro is something that has never been seen before in a trials bike; it's not only evolution but represents a major leap forward. The result speaks for itself: its advanced design, incredibly lightweight chassis, and powerful engine package that provides an unparalleled performance; this is a trials bike that people notice!

The Nitro is all about perfecting that balance between simplicity and excitement, excellence and comfort. It has the heart of a racer, with the soul of a trials bike. Every single component has been carefully selected and refined to ensure it works harmoniously together as one unit. The final result is a stunning piece of work where everything just fits perfectly together, from its visual appeal down to its very core.


Blending the new design aesthetics with the latest material technology has given this model an utterly unique look without compromising performance or safety.

Vertigo has created the Nitro 2022 models, which aim to improve on previous models where possible. The redistribution of electrical components into one area has improved accessibility, making maintenance tasks much simpler and more efficient.

The innovative muffler improves thermodynamic performance (reducing engine braking) while allowing for additional suspension travel. Reducing engine braking allows better control over your bike by discerning how much traction you're using on the rear wheel. A removable end-cap also makes it easier to replace the muffler should any damage occur etc.

Another advancement is that Vertigo has moved the fuel tank slightly forward, which has improved weight distribution and thus stability. Also, making it safer to refuel with fewer spillages over the electrical components.

The new multi-tubular chassis gives the Nitro superior agility and handling capabilities.

The cooling system has been improved drastically by the relocation of components. More air is now able to enter through the newly designed intakes. Meaning the whole system is now easier to maintain.

There is a brand-new water pump that's smaller yet more efficient. It's been repositioned at the lowest point in the coolant circuit, so it's self-bleeding, making it a more efficient cooling system.

The new aluminium bash plate offers maximum protection and durability against the engine and its new location of components.

Finally, the rear brake hose incorporated into Nitro is more efficient with this relocation and has better access to the clutch.

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