But our future is far more diverse. 

Our family has been intrinsically linked to the competition of Trials in Western Australia for well over 40 years. If there is a Trials event on, we are there. 

In the early days Trials was a virtually unknown motorcycle discipline. If you rode Trials, you had a very limited choice of bike, and an even greater limitation on the availability of parts. We found this to be more than just a frustration: We found this to be a problem.

simon price

So, we decided to do something about it. 

In the beginning, working from our home after hours and on top of our regular jobs, we brought the parts to the people. We did whatever we could, whenever we could, however we could, to keep the Trials community riding. Things are a little different now, and in 2022 we opened the Kelmscott Moto Dynamics superstore

Moto Dynamics Kelmscott Store

Now with over 600 square meters of space to play in (and with a few comfortable lounge chairs and a fantastic coffee machine) we would like to welcome you into our world to relax and chat to us about anything Beta, Gas Gas, Vertigo, TRS or Oset. We offer sales and service, yes; but most importantly, we offer you support.  

That is who we are. That is what we do.

Simon Price Neil Price Sebastian Marks Jessica Price

We are also excited to say that things have been evolving for us beyond Trials. Look now and you will see us inching and itching on the start line of the W.A Hard Enduro Series events. Moto Dynamics is supporting Gold Class winning Beta and Gas Gas riders, and we are stocking the full arsenal of Beta hard enduro weapons. Sales, service and support in the newest off road dirt bike discipline in Western Australia: Hard Enduro. 

Simon Price has always held the philosophy that, “You do not retire from any trial.”  This is a philosophy that transcends all other off-road motorsport disciplines, not the least of is Hard Enduro. We have always held high, the value of never giving up. We respect that and encourage that in every rider we meet. As such, and as we have always done with Trials since the early 1980’s, we will always do everything within our capability to get you across the finish line. 

Moto Dynamics, Everything to keep you riding!

The Price family are, as a collective and as individuals, utterly and entirely selfless. This is a family that puts in no less than 100% to every event: event after event, year after year. Their goal is to keep people riding. Whatever it takes. Anyone that knows them knows this to be true. They ask nothing of others. Yet, at every event, they will so freely and willing give their time to their extended, adopted family that is comprised of the hundreds of members of both the Pathfinders Trials Motorcycle Club and AJS Moto Trials Club. And now, through their involvement with Enduro, Super Enduro and Hard Enduro that level of commitment extends to members of the Trial and Enduro Club of Western Australia and the W.A. Hard Enduro Series (WHES) members”. (mitchladymanink.com)