Twin Air Ice Flow Coolant

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This ready-to-use coolant provides long lasting protection of all metals inside today’s liquid-cooled  systems, without harming the water pump seals. It reduces and maintains the operating temperature to prevent over-heating, offers the added assurance of an extreme freezing point (-26ºC / -14.8ºF) and boosts reliability. The coolant of choice for extreme off-road conditions as well as on-road usage year-round, in all climates, IceFlow is Mono Propylene Glycol-based and formulated with demineralized water – non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Based on long-life OAT (Organic Acid Corrosion protection Technology), IceFlow is a NAP  (Nitrite/Amines/Phosphates) -free product and contains no silicates. It’s safe to use in every motorcycle – old or new.

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