Trial Galfer Solid Rear Brake Disc


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Bike: Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory/GP 03-23, Jotagas 12-22, Montesa 4RT 05-23, Scorpa SC/SC-T 15-23, Sherco ST/ST-R 02-23, TRS One 15-23, Vertigo 16-23

The Wave® brake disc design was invented by Galfer in the early 90's as a solution to water and mud on brake disc surfaces of trials competition bikes. During development it was also discovered that the Wave® brake disc was running cooler compared to the classic round shaped brake discs. The combination of the Wave® disc design and premium raw materials resulted in the breakthrough of a new generation of brake disc technology – led by Galfer.

* lower weight of the unsprung masses
* more braking power
* better heat dissipation
* excellent resistance to corrosion
* less tendency to warp
* maintains a cleaner contact surface between brake disc and pads

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