S3 Rim Wheel Sticker Kits Trial / Enduro

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Trial / Enduro (FULL kit for Front and Rear wheel) New Look and protection for your bike. Lenticular structure very resistant. Perfect protection for your rims.

Available in 5 colour for all Trial (with 18" and 21" wheels) and Enduro bikes (with 18”x 18”/19” and 21” wheels).

It is important to follow these instructions to obtain a good result.

Clean and degrease (with brake cleaner or soap) and to dry very well, the rims, hands or gloves.

Do not stick the adhesive closer to the tire minimum 5mm, because when the tire "works", it can come into contact with the adhesive if it is too close and detach it.

If the stickers overlap more than 10mm, the bottom sticker needs to be trimmed.


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