S3 Keihin Carby Adjusters - Mix & Idle

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Black, Blur or Red Anodised aluminium mixture and idle Screw adjusters for the Keihin PWK Flat slide carb found on many trials bikes.

These replace the original adjusters and allow control of the adjustment without tools.

Fits Keihin PWK Carbs (28 and 29 for Trials bikes, as OEM on Gas Gas , Sherco, TRS, Jotagas and many other models) Note: Re Enduro bike Keihin Carb, Idle screw will fit but the mixture screw catches on the carby body due to the fuel intake.

• Aluminium screws
• Stainless steel springs

•Micrometric adjustment
• Suitable for 
Keihin carbs

• Satin
• Laser engraved S3 logo
• Anodized

The kid includes:
• 1 Air mix screw
• 1 Idle screw
• 1 Air mix screw spring
• 1 Idle screw spring

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