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Introducing the MY24 EM Escape XR, an electric Hard Enduro bike that invites you to embrace the tranquility of the off-road experience. This powerful and versatile electric bike is designed to take your adventures to new heights, offering a thrilling ride with cutting-edge features.


Max Range: 80 KM* Capacity: 3500 WH Speed: 85 KM/H** Weight: 88 KG Torque: 700 NM Road Legal (EU): 125 CM3 Series Equipment: Clutch, FRB, EM Connect, Anti Reverse, TFT Display, 25A Charger, R16V Racing Rear Shock

EM Connect: Discover a new level of connectivity with the EM Connect feature, accessible via the EM mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms (compatibility list to be released later). This innovative system provides a seamless integration between you and your EM Escape XR, offering a host of functionalities to enhance your riding experience.

Key Features:

  1. Access All Important Information: Stay informed with real-time updates on crucial data about your EM bike and your rider profile. Monitor battery status, performance metrics, and more at your fingertips.

  2. Personalisation: Tailor your EM bike's settings through a user-friendly configurator. Adjust the engine behaviour to match the specific terrain, your riding style, and your skill level, ensuring a personalised and optimised performance.

  3. Lock and Unlock with Ease: Enjoy added security with the ability to lock and unlock your EM bike directly from the app. This feature provides peace of mind, especially in crowded or unfamiliar locations.

  4. Contact Interface: Stay connected with an intuitive contact interface, allowing you to communicate seamlessly through the app. Receive EM news updates and engage in real-time diagnostics to keep your bike in peak condition.

The MY24 EM Escape XR is not just an electric bike; it's a revolution in the world of Hard Enduro, offering a silent and electrifying journey into the unknown. Elevate your riding experience with the perfect blend of power, connectivity, and personalisation. It's time to escape convention and embrace the extraordinary with the MY24 EM Escape XR.

* Following EU registration test No 134/2014. Range and speed depend on the usage conditions and the motorcycle’s configuration. **85 km/h speed while off-road on private land.

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