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Introducing the Beta E-Kinder Range - Elevate Playtime with Electric Excitement for Young Riders!

Unleash the thrill of two-wheeled adventures with the MY2024 Beta E-Kinder range from Beta Motorcycles Australia. These electric marvels redefine playtime, offering a perfect blend of excitement and safety for kids exploring the world of motorcycles.

Effortlessly quiet and supremely agile, the Beta E-Kinder range is the ultimate companion for young riders. Boasting robust brushless motors, an extra battery for extended play, and backed by a 6-month warranty, it's a gift that guarantees endless joy.

Not just a powered bike, the Beta E-Kinder models seamlessly transition into traditional balance bikes. Let your little ones master the essentials of pushing, coasting, and balancing on two wheels before unlocking the full potential of powered adventures.

Discover the standout features of our lineup:

  1. Beta E-Kinda 12 Pro:

    • Sturdy aluminum frame for durability
    • 12-inch wheels for nimble handling
    • 200W brushless motor for a perfect balance of power
    • 2x 2.6AH removable batteries for extended playtime
  2. Beta E-Kinder 16 Pro:

    • 16-inch magnesium alloy wheels for a smooth ride
    • Powerful 350W brushless motor for an extra dose of excitement
    • 2x 5AH removable batteries for longer play sessions

Experience the thrill with features like:

  • Simple twist throttle with a battery charge level indicator
  • Selectable power modes for various rider experiences (low, medium, and fast)
  • Fully enclosed chain cover for enhanced safety
  • Rear disc brake with automatic power cut-off for a secure and controlled ride.

Elevate playtime with the Beta E-Kinder Range - where every ride is an adventure waiting to happen!

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