Lanyard Engine Kill Switch designed for Beta & Oset Elect, handy for petrol bikes.

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The Jitsie kill button with magnet is a must have safety item for every trials rider. The magnetic top part of the kill button is attached to the flexible lanyard and attached via the strap to the wrist of the rider. In case of a crash, the rider pulls the lanyard which disconnects the cap from the kill button so the engine stops running.

* innovative and reliable kill button for electric trials bikes
* collaboration between Jitsie and Leonelli
* flexible lanyard with Jitsie branding
* mandatory in FIM regulated events (World-, European- and national championships, and international events)

The wiring diagram comes with the switch to ensure you have all the information you need to fit the lanyard switch.

Please note the two different wiring diagrams for the Beta and the Oset electric bikes. These bikes have slightly different colour coded wires.

Can be used on petrol bikes:

Whilst this kill switch is designed for Beta & Oset electric bikes, it is handy for those riders who wish to keep the normal push button kill switch on their bike but need to fit a lanyard for competition.

It comes with two electrical connectors that are simple to use. A pair of pliers is all that is required to connect the wiring of this lanyard switch to your existing kill switch wiring.

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