GRO Synt 10 Engine Oil

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Motor: 2 Stroke
Bottle Size: 1 Litre
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Global Racing oil SYNT-10, replaces the previous product SYNT-7.

It is a high performance fully synthetic oil formulated for two stroke engines that are under constant load. This oil is perfect for oil fuel injected 2 stroke engines.

SYNT-10 contains a social additive that reduces friction, prevents formation of carbonaceous fumes and deposits, lengthen spark plug life, increases looking and engine performance.

Density at 15c                                      0.888
Viscosity at 40c                                   48 cst
Viscosity at 100c                                 7 cst
Index of viscosity                                 103
Ignition point                                         112c
Point of maximum frost                     -32c
Color                                                      Amber
Basic oil                                                Synthetic

Exceeds specifications:                     Jaso FC, API-TC+, ISO L-EGD

Satisfies the recommendations of: Gas Gas , Aprilia, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Beta

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