Dynavolt FACTORY ACTIVATED Gel Battery

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Model Number: 5LBSC
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Sealed Factory Activated AGM GEL Lead Acid Battery. No messing around with battery acid - just fit and go! This type of battery can be used in any position and must be securely mounted to prevent any movement. Dynavolt MG 5L-BS-C 12 Volt 5Ah Capacity [Cranking Amps 170] Dimensions (mm) - L 114 x W 70 x H 105 Terminal configuration - Negative [Black] LH front polarity Terminal type - T 9 COPPER or T4 LEAD construction. Upgrade OR replacement for: CTX5L-BS , GTX5L-BS , YTX5L-BS Note - Check terminal voltage prior to fitting. If below 12.6V, then charge the battery for best service life. The NOCO Genius 1 or 2 Battery Chargers for 6 &12 Volt batteries are available separately - View Related Products for details below.

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