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Betamotor’s engineers rise to the challenge with two groundbreaking innovations in the 2024 RR Racing models, delivering double the rideability, power, and sheer fun! Meet Beta's flagship racing bikes, including the 2024 RR 300 Racing 2T, now equipped with a game-changing dual spark engine. And that's just the beginning – the RR 125 Racing 2T boasts a completely revamped engine, new frames (excluding the 125 and 200 models), fresh graphics, and top-tier race-ready components.

The RR Racing lineup represents the epitome of Enduro RR models, meticulously enhanced with performance-focused updates to the engine, suspension, frame, and equipment. The 2024 models bring game-changing innovations, allowing riders to harness peak performance effortlessly.

Let's delve into the incredible features that set these models apart:


RR 300 Racing 2T - The engine, renowned for dominating the off-road world, receives a dual spark plug system. This innovation enhances linear power delivery and maximum power, all while reducing fuel consumption and residue levels. The engine's range of use expands, and thanks to the separate electrical system for the spark plugs, you'll never be stranded, even if one fouls.

RR 125 Racing 2T - The new 125cc engine offers increased power throughout the delivery curve. This revamp includes a new cylinder, porting, and exhaust valve system. With modifications to the power valve control, springs, and valve regulation, this engine is now more responsive, powerful, and full-blooded, without sacrificing low-end torque.


The new frames (excluding the 125 and 200) have larger steering tube spacers for enhanced rigidity, offering superior precision and trail-holding in turns. These modifications extend to the support and engine mounts, ensuring a true and direct response while preventing ground contact in deep ruts. The new frame accommodates a higher-performance Nissin rear brake cylinder, providing enhanced braking power and modulation.


  • Traction Control (4T Range) - Now available with a button for easy control, this feature offers a higher level of stability and can be disabled at any time.

  • Oil Mix (2T Range) - The 2T models continue to feature oil/petrol premix for a lightweight and agile racing experience.

  • Suspension - Enjoy a 48mm Kayaba (KYB) AOS closed cartridge fork and KYB C46 Rear Shock, designed for optimum performance with the new frame characteristics.

  • Racing Components - Quick-release front axle, reinforced handguards, CNC aluminum footpegs, anodized aluminum core rear sprocket, dedicated racing seat, black anodized shift lever and rear brake pedal, anodized red aluminum filler caps, and red CNC aluminum chain tensioners.

  • New Racing Graphics and Wheel Decals - Stand out on the track with our fresh graphics and eye-catching wheel decals.

Elevate your racing experience with the 2024 Beta RR Racing Range. Discover these cutting-edge features and embrace the thrill of top-tier performance. Race-ready, adventure awaits!


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