MY24 Beta XTrainer

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Capacity: 250
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Discover the all-new MY2024 Xtrainer from Beta – a revelation in off-road riding!  With its unique blend of technical prowess, ergonomic design, and aesthetic elegance, the Xtrainer stands as a symbol of the extraordinary.

Designed to deliver smooth power for every rider, the 2024 model caters to beginners and experts alike. Whether you're a seasoned enduro enthusiast or a novice seeking excitement, the Xtrainer adapts effortlessly to diverse riding conditions, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill. Its lower seat height, nimble frame, premium suspension, and user-friendly brakes ensure an enjoyable ride that's accessible to all.

Powered by the 250 or 300 two-stroke engines, the Xtrainer provides the confidence to conquer challenging trails with ease. This masterpiece of simplicity is fully road legal, compliant with ADR standards, and LAMS approved across regions. The Xtrainer isn't just a bike; it's your ticket to off-road freedom, designed to elevate your adventure and redefine what's possible. Join the Beta family and experience the extraordinary with the MY2024 Xtrainer.

** Price includes GST, Freight & PD, on road cost are NOT included. **

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