MY24 Beta RX

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Introducing the Beta RX 2024 - Redefining Motocross Riding

Precision-crafted and passionately designed, the Beta RX sets a new standard for motocross ride excellence. Building on its USA triumph, the MY23 Beta RX 300 has already etched its name onto the Australian terrain, amplifying the unparalleled motocross journey offered by the esteemed Italian brand.

At the heart of this innovation is the integration of the Kayaba (KYB) rear shock, a pinnacle of collaboration between Beta Engineers and KYB experts. This dynamic partnership has birthed an advanced suspension system, meticulously tuned to elevate the bike's performance across all ride conditions. Revered in racing circles, KYB's expertise shines as it adeptly absorbs impactful forces while delivering an exceptional ride over smaller bumps.

Tailored to the exacting demands of motocross enthusiast, the Beta RX 300 boasts standout features:

  • A high-performance 300 2-stroke engine with an extended stroke, surpassing the RR & RR Racing models

Join the ranks of those who dare to conquer the track and thrive with the Beta RX. Elevate your ride, embrace the extraordinary, and let Beta lead you to the pinnacle of MX mastery.


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