MY21 Beta Minitrial Electric

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Get your child started on their trials bike journey early with the Beta Minitrial Electric.  These bikes are as fun as they look and are the perfect introduction to riding a trials bike. With the proper riding position, weight, braking, throttle control and suspension it makes them both safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Rugged chassis and swingarm
The sweet spot of weight (24kgs) and size combination, younger riders just starting in trials will find their ride very comfortable given this bike is designed with an "optimised centre of gravity" for maximum traction. It features a rugged chassis and swingarm made from hard-anodised aluminium, so it's durable enough to hold up against bumps, drops, scrapes, etc.

Programmable digital switchboard
For people who want the convenience of an electric bike without sacrificing full control. You can choose any one of 3 power curves to match your experience level. The first setting is perfect for beginners and those learning to ride, providing a gradual engagement that eliminates abrupt changes in speed. If you're already skilled enough for this setting then switch it up with wet weather riding conditions or more dynamic racing capabilities.

Adjustable Suspension
The front fork with 25 mm tubes, adjustable compression spring in oil bath with an air shock for the rear suspension allows the bike to tackle bumpy spots with ease, so you can enjoy an adventurous ride while still being comfortable at the end of it!

Shimano Hydraulic Brakes & Guards
These bikes promote safer, proper riding habits while maximising enjoyment and producing confidence in the rider. Each product is packed with features such as Shimano hydraulic brakes that provide excellent stopping power, hand & chain guards protect against loss of control during an excursion off-road. Whether you're looking for a cool way to keep your kids entertained or eager learners on their start to full time riding excitement these bicycles are just the ticket!

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