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Engine: 2 Stroke
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New features introduced across the entire range include: 

  • Radiator grille: completely redesigned. As well as optimising the airflow directed to the radiator, it also boasts a greater protective surface in the cap and radiator body area to prevent these components from sustaining damage when in contact with branches, stones or in the case of a fall.

  • Tank cover: with a new design. The shape better envelops the frame and covers all the cable routing for a clean and more orderly look. This new form also effectively incorporates the mapping switch. The EVO offers a choice of two different engine maps that the rider can select with a convenient button on the tank cover. This location makes the button easy to reach while offering protection against knocks and unintentional operation. At the same time, an LED indicator lets the rider immediately identify which map is currently in use. 

  • Graphics: the bike's look and performance are accentuated in equal measure with the latest  EVO update. The geometric graphics and new anodised aluminium swingarm ensure an elegantly natural look reminiscent of the racing world. The frame is painted in distinctive  Beta red to accentuate the beauty of the hydro-formed aluminium structure, a hallmark feature of the EVO. The filter box is black again but maintains the same functionality as the dedicated TwinAir foam filter. The fork shields are now in Beta red.

  • Domino grips: achieving maximum freedom of movement on the bike also means having stable and comfortable handholds on the vehicle. The new Beta-customised Domino grips ensure comfort and hold so that the rider never loses contact with the handlebar. Black levers emphasise the refined look. 

  • New shock calibration: the EVO shocks come complete with all the adjustments a rider needs to tailor the bike and identify the ideal set-up. To enhance the rideability, the Betamotor technicians have harnessed their experience to implement setting updates to boost the progressiveness, responsiveness and damping. As for the fork, the settings and quantity of oil contained in the two stanchions have been revised to boost the progressive response during the most extreme drops. This means that EVO is equipped with an asymmetric fork, with the left and right-hand stanchions differing functionally and in internal volume. The left-hand side features an adjustable spring length for setting ride height. At the same time, the hydraulic functions of the fork are settable on the right-hand stanchion for customising the damping behaviour and responsiveness of the front end. By using different oil volumes calibrated precisely for the left and right-hand stanchions, the progressiveness of the fork and the precision with which feel is transmitted to the rider have been improved. As for the shock and to improve the bike's readiness, Beta has worked on the setting, boosting reactivity during the rebound phase. This allows the EVO to offer the rider a greater sense of lightness, particularly when 'bouncing' to reposition between obstacles. 

  • Tyres: Michelin Trial Light at the front and Michelin Trial X-Light Competition at the rear are the choices for professional riders and now, with the MY23, for all EVO owners, who will experience a heightened sense of grip with this extremely lightweight tyre, which marries perfectly with the precision and handling typical of Beta bikes. 

For EVO 250/300 2T: 

The larger volume Beta 2T engines have undergone significant updates, all implemented to improve vehicle performance and rideability, in line with the Beta philosophy. The new components  equipping the EVO 2023 include 
  • Crankshaft and piston rod: the latter with an interaxle spacing that is reduced by 1.5 mm for a length of 114.5 mm. These new components offer multiple benefits, both on the performance side, for more rounded delivery and the vehicle's dynamics. The bike is more manageable thanks to a reduction in its weight and alternating masses. Handling is improved while vibration is reduced. 
  • Cylinder: brand new. This component's timing has been revised to improve the torque at low engine speeds while the overall weight is reduced. 
  • Cylinder head: The new combustion chamber improves delivery at low speeds, making it more progressive and tractable while retaining the same engine performance at mid-high speeds. 
  • Engine map: the engine mapping has been optimised, mainly the ignition map, to set up the components in the best possible way and exploit the power and tractability so they stand out.
  • Exhaust manifold: manifold protection has been installed to protect the manifold from impacts. As well as being functional, this rounds out the bike's overall look. (Also mounted on 125 2T).

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