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Engine: 2 Stroke
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The latest range of the BETA EVO MY 2022, is finally here!!

This year's models have had a focus on upgrades surrounding the style & look of the bike while focusing on the details, which meet the needs of all riders, while highlighting the functionality and reliability of the models. Beta has also heavily directed their attention in upgrades to the bikes suspension.

The EVO range is the most extensive in this class, offering a total of 6 models with their own unique features, that meets the needs of a constantly evolving user base.


Visually, the major changes that have been noted included bike graphics, handlebars, the airbox and painting the frame in the exclusive Beta red paint, this has established a modern touch with an aggressive appeal while maintaining and emphasising the hallmark feature of the EVO, it's a hydroformed aluminium frame.


Beta have focused their mechanical updates on the suspension, producing an asymmetric fork that has enhanced the damping curve when both forks are fully compressed and extended states. This has been perfected by revising the mechanical settings and the volume of oil within the stanchions. Different quantities have been used on each side of the forks. The left-hand side debuts adjustable spring lengths to set the ride height, while the hydraulic action can be set on the right-hand stanchions. This helps to adjust the damping behaviour and responsiveness for the front end.

The Map Selector Switch has been retained on the bike and offers rider's two different engine maps that can be easily turned on with a flick of a button that is located on the tank cover providing safe and easy access and protects the switch against knock and accidental use. The LED light shows the rider what map is currently in use.


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