Do you want to get the best out of your riding?  Wanting to improve your skills? Maybe to ride safer and more controlled?  We have motorcycle coaching to suit everyone.

Having a wide ranging skill base allows you to adapt to any situation.  Our motorcycle coaching makes you think, and look at your riding from a different perspective and explore what is really possible on any bike!  Riding is far more about how you think, than how you act.

Quite often our sessions will make you take a step back and sometimes start again.  We are very passionate and always work to get the best outcomes we can.  But at the end of the day our coaching is all about riding your bike and having FUN!

On the bike coaching

Sessions vary in length, level and type.  Can cover

  • Raw beginners through to Experts
  • One on One
  • Groups (limited to 6 riders per coach)
  • Discipline specific sessions (Trials/ADV/Enduro/Extreme Enduro)
  • Skill specific sessions (Wheelie days/Hill Climbs/Logs…)
  • Rider assessments of Strengths and Weakness’

Public Events are advertised below. We are also available for Private group seminars and presentations for Clubs/ Groups /Work groups for training or entertainment purposes etc.  For enquiries please use the contact form or click below to learn more.


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