Our family has been part of the furniture in WA Trials, since 1981.  If there is a Trial, the MD van is there!

We grew out of a need to get parts, bikes and support for our own riding in the late 1990s. We had to deal with the realities of being in a sport that has always been a small, niche market.  The lack of products stocked in motorcycle shops meant we had to get this direct from the importers and eventually we evolved into being the dealers for initially Beta and eventually Gas Gas, Vertigo, TRS, Oset.

You will find our Van at every trial we can physically get to in Western Australia and of course every National Championship.  As a family we have always seen MD as a community service and we have the simple goal to make sure you get to the end of every trial you enter!

Simon always held the philosophy that, “You do not retire from any trial.”  We have always held high, the value of never giving up. We respect that, and encourage that in every other rider we meet.  Hence we do everything in our capabilities to get you to the end gates of every trial!

We keep you riding!