Give trials riding a go

Do you have a junior rev head in your family? Does your child have a thirst for thrill, excitement and new adventures?  Maybe they just aren't into team sport?

Then trial riding is the perfect sport for them! 

Riders can climb on board and get riding from the age of seven in Western Australia. 

The fun and excitement of riding over rocks, logs and creek beds and navigating their way through marked tracks against their competition will leave them wanting more each and every time.

And the great thing about trials is that parents don’t need to be concerned about their little ones safety. 

It is a sport of balance and concentration without the speed.

Participating in trials competitions will allow your child to learn true control of the bike, improving their skills on two wheels including clutch control, brake control and turning.

Explore the great outdoors 

Getting out and about off the beaten track is also a great opportunity for the whole family to experience life in a different light.

It is a great opportunity to ditch the electronics and be at one with the wonderful surrounds we are blessed with here in Western Australia. 

You do not need to be competing to come camping, you can just get in touch with the club and come spectate and enjoy some free camping with great entertainment.  

So why not get a group of friends together, pack the car, camper trailer or caravan and turn your children’s new found love of trial riding into a real adventure. 

Trust us, your little ones will be talking about these times for years to come and will always be itching for more.

What do you need to get involved?

Well a bike is a good start.

Trial bikes are specially made machines, which are available as petrol or electric in a variety of engine capacities and sizes.

They are generally much lighter than the average dirt bike and require a lot less maintenance. 

You will also need all the basic riding gear, a helmet, boots (No laces), and long pants as a minimum.  But we recommend long sleeves, and gloves to keep them well covered.  No doubt they would love riding pants and Jersey to really look the part. 

At Moto Dynamics we have everything to keep you riding, and our fully stocked van is at every club event in WA. 

Got your bike and all your gear? Now all that is left is to join a club, and come join in on the fun.

So.... What is stopping you?

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