How to start kids on motorcycles correctly

Oset Electric Kids Motorcycles

So your kids have shown interest in riding motorcycles.  For most parents who aren't in the riding community, this opens up a lot of questions and concerns.  Cost and safety are generally at the top of that list.  The Oset electric kids motorcycle range answers all of your questions and provide the best way to get kids started riding motorcycles

The perfect fit

The first question especially on most mothers minds is safety.  How do you start a child off safely.  The Oset range comes in the same sizes as bicycles.  12.5 inch is the smallest size, then 16”, 20” and the 24”inch that also has a variation suitable for adults.  So matching a bike size to a rider is incredibly easy,  you can simply gauge off their bicycle and the sizes are matched well.





Oset Electric Motorcycle Size Range

The safe way to start

Unlike petrol bikes Osets also come with variable controllers.   So you have more than just a throttle stop screw.

You have an incredible range of adjustment to suit the riders, size, weight and capabilities.

On the 12.5” model there are 2 controllers;

  • throttle response and,

  • top speed.

All other sizes from 16” upwards have 3 controllers,

  • Top Speed,

  • Throttle Response and,

  • Power output of motor.

This allows you pretty well infinite variations of adjustment, for example you can;

  • Lowest Speed/ Lowest Power/ Lowest Throttle response -  The bike at full throttle will be below a toddlers walking pace, with virtually no power. So if they roll into something the bike won’t keep pushing.


  • raise the power / lower the throttle response / lower top speed - To suit a heavier rider or to get up on hills.  The bike will then have the power to pull a heavier rider or get up a hill, but it will accelerate slowly and not reach any higher than the speed you set.


  • Increase throttle response / lower the power / lower top speed - To suit a rider who is increasing in confidence in the back yard and you don't want them destroying your lawn when they ride into something.  With the power low the bike will just stop when they ride into something and not dig a hole or get them all twisted up, but limit their fun on the bike!

These Adjustors are infinite, they don't have settings 1,2,3… etc.  So you can very finely increase or decrease to suit their progress, the location your riding in (Ie back yard or open space)

Get more ride time

Electric bikes get ridden more than Petrol bikes.  They don't need you to start the bike, and when they drop the bike it won’t flood and be difficult to start.  This makes mum and dads life so much easier.  You won’t be run off your feet and mum won’t intimidated by having to work out how to start it.

Being so quiet means they can ride in the back yard or in places where a petrol bike would simply annoy the neighbours.  You get so much more value from your purchase because the kids can ride every day of the week, not just on Sunday when dad is off and takes them out riding.

Timid child friendly

Many children are put off by the noise of motorcycles.  They are all excited and want to ride initially, but then when they hear the noise up close, it can be too much for them.  Oset Electric bikes are the perfect way around the problem, they can comfortably take a step towards riding, and as they ride around other kids with petrol bikes they will gradually be exposed to bike noises and will get more and more comfortable.

Simply the best way to start!

Oset Electric bikes are the simplest way to get kids started in a safe and controlled way, whilst giving you the best value for your money spent!

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