What size Trials bike should you buy?

So you want to buy a trials bike? What capacity do you buy? Bigger is better isn’t it? But trials bikes come in a range of adult capacities from 125-300cc.  This decision can have a massive effect on your riding experience.  Let’s have a look at few points that may help you decide, what trials bike is right for you.

300cc the biggest capacity trials bike

TRS 2020 Trials Bike
2020 TRS One R 300cc

All the experts ride them, so they must be the best bike??  Well not really, the experts at the top end of competition, yes they do mostly ride 300’s.  How many of those riders need them or even use them fully is another question.  The three hundreds simply have more power.  Only really suited to the best and most experienced riders who need the power. Power isn’t really important in trials until you get to the really big stuff.  If you can’t put power to the ground it’s useless and will only create you more problems than it will solve, unless you can truly control it.  A 300 will also have more torque, so a de-tuned 300 will sometimes suit a heavy rider 100kgs plus to help with the pulling power.  



  • Plenty of Power
  • Plenty of Torque


  • Too Much power for most people
  • Over shooting in sections
  • Hard to put power to the ground, traction is difficult
  • Compounds your mistakes
  • You will fatigue fast!

Unless you are an expert level rider, try to avoid a 300.

250cc the performance capacity.

Trials bike 2020 Gas Gas TXT 250

This is the biggest size bike that pretty much any rider needs.  Any rider on a 250 is going to be capable of anything a 300 can do….except the REALLY big stuff.  250s have plenty of torque but won’t be as aggressive and will be easier to put to the ground. 


A 250 will do everything any rider needs to.  They will rev hard and fast, deliver plenty of power but will be a touch gentler than a 300.  You will overshoot less, and in trials with the level of accuracy needed, it will make your life a lot easier!   You will score better in trials competition as you won't push through turns as easily, or run so far over obstacles.  It will be easier to stay on line.  In turn you are definitely not going to fatigue as fast


Trials riding is always line, before speed.



  • Plenty of Power
  • Plenty of Torque
  • Easier to put the ground than a 300
  • Less Fatigue than 300


  • More power than the majority riders will ever need
  • Will be hard to handle for the majority of club level riders
  • Lacking the very top end Power for the really big stuff, that only the top 5% of riders will need.

A 250 will suit any capable rider with some riding experience.

200cc the ultimate capacity

Trials bike 2020 Beta Evo 200

200cc in my mind is the perfect blend for the majority of riders getting into trials.  You get the perfect blend of torque power and traction.  They will keep chugging up hills, can be revved without ripping your arms out of the sockets, and will put the power to the ground very well.  You’ll get exceptional traction, and not over shoot at all in sections! 


For the majority of riders starting, and even those who have been at it for a while the 200 is the perfect sized bike.  It's forgiving, it is gentle, but is also very capable and will pull you through most errors!  Then if you work on your clutch skills the 200 will ride pretty much anything!



  • Enough Power
  • Enough Torque
  • Much easier to put the power to the ground
  • Easiest on your body!


  • Lacking power for top end riding
  • May not be enough pulling power for the heaviest riders +120kgs
  • Not all manufacturers build a 200cc bike.



A 200 is the best capacity for the majority of riders

Vertigo 2020 - Vertical Works

125cc, the Skills Development Capacity

Now If you want to really ramp up your skills, 125cc is the way to go.  Now this is more for up and coming youth riders, but the 125 is also excellent for ANY rider who wants to really build up their skills seriously.  A 125 in the right hands is incredibly capable, and can be ridden all the way through any club level of competition, by pretty much anyone. A 125 will allow you to really twist the throttle and experience the use of RPM and and engine inertia rather than just power.  Most will have far more torque than you expect and will pull quite well, obviously its not a 300 but they will keep pulling harder than you expect!

If you are light weight they will be an excellent choice.  Heavier riders may want to go a touch higher in capacity, but you'll be amazed at how well they ride regardless of your weight!



  • Enough Power to allow you the confidence to rev the bike without fear and experience riding at high RPM.
  • Will develop your skills.
  • Much easier to put the power to the ground.
  • Easy on your body!
  • Light and gentle, easy to ride,
  • Easy to start!



  • Lacking power for top end riding
  • Need to be revved
  • May not be enough pulling power for the heaviest riders +120kgs
  • You need to either have clutch control or you will need to learn.


A 125 will develop your skills

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