A Tribute to Beta

What do you look for in a dirt bike?

Most would say performance and that is a fair call.

Many would mumble, sheepishly under their breath, price. That is perfectly reasonable.

Some that are bold and brash may say 'bling'. Good on 'em.

But shouldn't it be reliability? If you are going to go to all the trouble to pack up the bike, cover the bike in mud, then go home and clean the bike, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your ride time.

Well, if you want reliability by a Beta

Here is a testimonial to a Beta that has been taken where few other bikes dare venture:

"I can’t blame my heritage because I have none. Well, no Italian heritage at least. Can I blame my father? He owned the odd little Italian car, but he was hardly a fanatic, so I think not.

Back when I was a teenager, the moment I could afford to do it, I off loaded my first car (an extremely sensible and very boring beige 1979 Suburu Sports wagon) to purchase the one car I had become besotted with from the moment I first saw one: The Fiat 124 Sport Coupe.

Every single one of my friends had gone either Ford or Holden; except those with no taste at all that went Datsun, Toyota or Mazda. But I chose the path less travelled and it would be fair to say that I did far less ‘travelling’ in that car than most of my mates. They say FIAT is an acronym for Fix It Again Tony and that pretty well sums up my 124 Sport. Would I buy one again? In a heartbeat yes I would.

I am drawn to Italian vehicles. I am fairly certain that my blood runs rosso corsa and all I see when I see a Pininfarina design is not a vehicle, but a work of art. Jeremy Clarkson says that you cannot call yourself a petrol head until you have owned an Alfa. Well then, by his measure I am a petrol head. I believe you are truly besotted with Italian vehicles when you are completely comfortable with the resolution that your vehicle does not work the way it should simply because it is an Alfa, Fiat or Ducati.

So why then, as the field survey scientist, would I choose an Italian motorbike to take me to some of the most remote and inaccessible places in Australia? I really can’t answer that question. It just happened. My Beta Evo just happened to be a good deal that was recommended to me by a close friend and dealer in what happens to be one of the most unique forms of motor sport: observed trials.

It is a funny looking little beast. Pretty to me, however, beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder.

I worship this bike because when I get on it, it springs into life with all the enthusiasm of a pre-schooler high on red cordial. It urges me to take it to places that no other motorised vehicle could go, and it ALWAYS brings me home.

Jeremy Clarkson says that some vehicles have soul. Well my Beta Evo has soul, but it also has the heart of an ox that just keeps on pounding one kilometre after another."

Buy Beta and go places you never thought you could go, knowing you will always make it back home. 

 If you want to see it out in some very unfamiliar surroundings, click here.

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