Oset 20" Racing MKII

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The NEW Lithium powered OSET 20.0 Racing MKII - A true innovation

Significantly increased run time
Reduced bike weight
New 'Electric Bolt' graphics

The new lithium powered 20.0 Racing MKII is a true innovation and the machine of choice for riders interested in maximum run time, reduced bike weight & ultimate performance and is often the bike that riders and parents choose to enter the world of trial competitions. The power and response can be adjusted for any riding style, while the fully adjustable suspension can be set up to suit rider weights and preferences - this bike is loved by kids and adults alike for its sheer versatility and fun.

The lithium powered OSET 20.0 R MKII has been meticulously designed to help the rider develop and enhance their motorbike skills and confidence. Being electric they have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in places other bikes cannot go.

Key Features:

  • Powered by the OSET 20Ah, 48V Lithium battery, with charging, discharging & diagnostic ports

  • Brand new MKII - 'Electric Bolt' graphics

  • A strong frame, thin grips, a padded chin guard covering the steering stem combined with a magnetic lanyard cut-out switch ensure safety is the priority

  • Separate key switch is easily removable by the parent when it's time to take a break!

  • Exclusive OSET wide rear rim and 3" wide deep tread competition motorcycle tyre

  • Alloy swingarm, alloy sprocket carrier and sprocket for lighter weight and easy gearing changes

  • OSET controller with our exclusive '3 dial' system, which allows parents to easily adjust the power, speed and response characteristics of the bike

  • It can be set from a very mellow machine at walking pace and low power, all the way up to a competition level machine with maximum power

  • The OSET is just the best thing my son has had! He has the freedom of the outdoors and quality time with his dad away from technology. My 9 year old has the 20.0 R so his dad had to go out and get the 24.0 R - Katrina Meed, California, USA

    The lithium powered OSET 20.0 Racing MKII is an innovation in electric bikes and will become the gold standard of youth competitive trials and electric dirt bikes the world over.

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