GRO Fork Oil 5w 1L

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Global Racing oil fork fluid was specially designed under the extreme pressure of competition to meet the demands of modern suspension systems.

The exclusive additive protects fork bushes and seals, prolonging their life and reducing leakage.

Global Racing oil fork fluid also is highly resistance to corrosion and contamination and will resist foaming at high temperatures that can cause fork fade.


Resistance to contamination and corrosion
Reduces foaming at high temperatures
Constant quality control to insure correct viscosity
Suitable for USD and conventional forks
SAE Degree: 2.5 5 7.5 10 15 20
Viscosity at 40oC: 13 21 28 35 45 68
Ignition point: 170oC, 185oC, 200oC, 227oC, 232oC, 241oC
Rust prevention test: ASTM D-665)
Establishing of oxidation: (ASTM D-943) 1,000 Hours
Colour: Green

Satisfies the recommendations of: Kayaba and Showa

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