Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit Tech 39mm

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Bike: Gas Gas Raga/Racing/Factory/GP 12-20, Jotagas 2012/14-15, Montesa 4RT/RR 14-20, Ossa Factory 2014, Sherco ST 11-20, TRS One 16-20, Vertigo 15-20

Color: Green Size: 39X51X8/10.5

Type: Front fork Tech

SKF seal kits for trials front forks consist of an oil seal and a dust seal, developed to achieve superior sealing performance. Developed using a new self-lubricating compound, the design and performance characteristics of the seals from this compound enable them to keep oil in and dirt out of the fork while improving performance by reducing friction.

* outstanding durability and performance
* enhanced water and dirt protection capability
* used by most World championship riders and teams

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